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Production of 360 X 180 spherical panoramic photographs and interactive virtual tours.
The observer is placed in the centre of a virtual sphere where a scene has been photographically mapped on the interior surface.
The virtual sphere can be oriented in any direction with the mouse or keyboard.
Visitors can zoom in on areas of interest in real-time.

Among this product's many advantages , we highlight:

  • photographic image quality
  • use of the most reliable and tested technologies in the sector (Java applets and Apple QuickTime)
  • absolutely modest downloading time
  • possibility to create itineraries or virtual tours:
    clicking on suitable areas of the image takes you to the next images
  • possibility to include maps and plans, zoomable high-resolution photographs and sounds (voice, music).

  • To understand the difference, a video file that pans panoramically through an area:
  • is not interactive
  • requires more time to download from the Internet
  • the image quality is low


    Virtual Tour to Castello Bufalini - San Giustino - Umbria - Italy (1500 AD)

  • click on the colored rooms in the map

    Temple of Clitumnus - Umbria - Italy (4th-5th century AD)

  • Temple of Clitumnus

    Rocca of Spoleto - Umbria - Italy (1300 AD)

  • Sala Pinta
  • Chiostro

    Villa del Colle del Cardinale - Umbria - Italy (1500 AD)

  • Villa

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